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Learn where ever you are in a trustworthy and knowledgable enviornment.

For whom and how many?

Webinars and Workshops can be booked by teams or leaders of NGOs, Companies, Businesses or other Communities who seek to learn.

They are exceptional tools which can help you and your team to stay on the same page even if they are working remotely.

The Online Workshops are more interactive and thus require more active participation therefore the groups will be kept smaller (3-15 people).

Webinars can accommodate 3-50 people and are a great way to convey quality teaching to your team and staff.

What topics can be covered?

The content of the Webinars and Workshops depends on what you as a Company, NGO or Team are looking for. A brief consultation with you as the initiator is required to prepare a suitable and impactful webinar/workshop in agreement with your needs.


There are many options we can draw from, however here are some ideas of what could be addressed:

Emotional Intelligence, Core Values, Core Beliefs and Limiting Beliefs, Effective Goal Setting, Time Management, Communication Skills, Increasing Self-Awareness, Confidence, Leadership, Self-Leadership, etc.

How will the Webinar be conducted?

The Webinars and Workshops will be conducted via Zoom. Once the content is decided and the date and time are set, the access link will be given to you. We start on time and finish on time. Depending on what you booked you will receive work material beforehand.

How long is a Webinar?

The webinar/workshop duration can be discussed and selected according to your needs. However, most commonly a session will be between 30 to 60 Minutes.

Furthermore, it is possible to do a series, e.g. three sessions over three days.

If you’d like more information about the webinars, get in touch today.

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Be Smart. Invest In Your Team And Yourself -Now.

"When leaders truly develop a positive mindset and increase their self-awareness, they will lead with more impact and success.

Being an authentic and adabtable leader is an intentional choice, which requires effort."

Linda Milun

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