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"Leadership requires commitment, persistence, and kindness for those you oversee.

It is about creating an uplifting environment and multiplying values, quality and integrity.

Be a leader who navigates confidentially through the highs and lows of an impactful personal and professional life." 

Linda Milun

What is it?

Leadership Coaching are personalized professional development processes designed to enhance your leadership skills, performance, and effectiveness.

Some consider these two the same, some insist on them being very different coaching domains. Either way, there are many aspects which overlap, such as working on e.g. goal setting, skill development, behaviour modification, emotional intelligence, vision, strengths and weaknesses of yourself and the team. As the coach, I provide you with suitable support, guidance, feedback, and accountability to help you with all the aspects already named and many more depending on your individual needs.

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Image by 🇸🇮 Janko Ferlič

With this awareness in mind, what exactly does it entail?

Through reflective dialogues, goal-setting, and skill-building exercises, I help you gain self-awareness, improve your emotional intelligence, refine your leadership style, optimize your leadership capabilities, develop your decision-making and communication skills, support you to overcome challenges and maximize your potential to lead teams, organizations and of course yourself successfully.

What is a common misconception?

Sadly many companies misuse and misunderstand coaching. Coaches are oftentimes called in when there are already issues or employees think that they are not performing well enough when they are told to get a coach. However, even though coaching can be helpful in crisis and performance issues, it is much wiser to make use of a coach out of the simple desire to pursue continuous growth as a company and to see your employees being set up with support to keep developing.


How Does It Work?

I have for every need the right option available. Be it Coaching for a short duration or long term. 


Whether you're aiming for a transformative journey over three, six, or twelve months, or seeking ongoing support for the long haul, the choice is entirely yours.


Plus, you're in control of the tempo, whether you prefer weekly, biweekly, or monthly sessions.


The Coaching Partnership focuses on you as the client. Therefore, your coaching package includes personalized one-on-one sessions, recap notes capturing your reflections following each session, exclusive access to curated work materials, dynamic coaching toolsdeep, active listening and dedication to your growth.


ICF-accredited coaches adhere to the ICF Code of Ethics.


That means that as your coach I will remain faithful to e.g. confidentiality, integrity, professionalism, respect, professional development, ethical decision-making, appropriate coach-client boundaries, etc.

Let's have a chemistry session to determine if we want to work together and what duration would best meet your needs.


Book A Complementary

Chemistry Session With Me

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