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Welcome to the
Self-Leadership Special!

Self-leadership stands as a cornerstone across all facets of life, whether in the professional arena or within personal pursuits. Regardless of one's position, from seasoned executives to ambitious students, the mastery of self-leadership is paramount for achieving both success and fulfilment.


Central to this mastery is the cultivation of self-awareness, a vital component that profoundly influences confidence levels, leadership prowess, and the quality of interpersonal connections.

Nurturing robust self-leadership skills demands a deliberate and mindful investment in self-development, marking a journey of conscious growth and intentional refinement.

This program is tailored to empower you in mastering self-leadership, enhancing self-awareness, and navigating your path with clarity and efficacy.

This package is structured around

three transformative phases


Self-Awareness Phase

Approximately only 10% of people are truly self-aware, but only around 90% of people assume that they are. Therefore, it is important to ensure you don’t fall into the same trap as it will hinder you from progressing. We begin the Self-Leadership journey with the Self-Awareness Phase. Here we focus on your core values, core beliefs, strengths, weaknesses, etc.

Deep-Dive Phase

After that, we move forward into the Deep-Dive Phase where we invest time and effort into the areas you would like to see growth and improvement in. This can be your professional development, your personal life or your overall growth e.g. leadership skills, communication skills, confidence, interpersonal connections, etc. If you are not sure yet, what you want to work on deeply, don’t worry as the Self-Awareness Phase will have brought clarity to you on what your main focus needs to be.


Accountability Phase


Finally, we transition into the Accountability Phase, a pivotal stage where we proactively tackle any emerging topics that arise during the implementation of your newfound insights and goal-setting endeavours. This phase serves as a dynamic platform for honing in on your progress, refining your strategies, and fortifying your commitment to achieving tangible results. It's a dynamic phase where progress is not only tracked but celebrated, fostering continuous growth and achievement.

The Three Phases

How many

A. 4 Self-Awareness Sessions

B. 5 Deep-Dive Sessions

C. 4 Accountability Sessions


You have the flexibility to schedule sessions on a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis - tailored to your convenience and preferences.


Additionally, we offer the option to further customize your schedule. For instance, you may choose to transition from fortnightly to monthly sessions, as per your evolving needs.

What is

The Coaching Partnership focuses on you as the client. Therefore, your coaching package includes personalized one-on-one sessions, recap notes capturing your reflections following each session, exclusive access to curated work materials, dynamic coaching tools,  deep, active listening and dedication to your growth.


For monthly sessions, I provide follow-up emails or Whats App check-ins two weeks post-session, offering reflection prompts to aid in self-accountability and goal adherence.

How does
it work?

You can schedule a free Chemistry Session, during which both of us can assess our compatibility for collaboration.


Following our mutual decision to proceed, you will receive a coaching contract for your review and signature, and we will establish the starting date for our sessions.

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