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Experience coaching that stands out through high standards,

trustworthiness and satisfied clients.

Life &
Self-Leadership Coaching

Self-leadership Coaching and Life Coaching are collaborative processes created to empower you to take ownership of your personal and professional development, learn self-management, improve your overall well-being, and enhance your quality of life.


The focus is on helping you set clear goals, develop self-awareness, empower you to identify your strengths, values, and aspirations, improve your decision-making abilities, and take proactive steps towards achieving your goals.

Life Coaching
Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Leadership (and Executive) Coaching are personalized professional development processes designed to enhance your leadership skills, performance, and effectiveness.

Through reflective dialogues, goal-setting, and skill-building exercises, I help you gain self-awareness, improve your emotional intelligence, refine your leadership style, optimize your leadership capabilities, develop your decision-making and communication skills, support you to overcome challenges and maximize your potential to lead teams, organizations and of course yourself successfully.


and Workshops

Webinars and Workshops are influential tools which make it possible to teach, educate and train your team, staff and yourself in highly relevant domains and topics such as leadership, communication, management, and beyond.

Webinars often focus mainly on informative, communication-style training, which provides the space and platform to create and implement consistency in values and standards.

Workshops usually give significant space for team reflection and development or personal interactive introspection.

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Rainy C., a successful COO from Thailand, says:


"Linda has the ability to see the real issues beneath the surface and helps you discover what you need to know to get things done.

I have benefited from her coaching in getting more clarity of who I am and what I want to do."

Availability Is Limited

Secure your spot now! The Client Capacity is limited every month. This ensures that my clients can receive the dedicated attention and quality sessions they need to thrive. Don't miss out—reserve your slot before they're gone!

For Individuals:

Schedule directly your complimentary chemistry session today. Let's connect, explore, and discover if we would like to work on your goals together.

Companies, NGOs, and businesses looking to forge powerful partnerships are invited to reach out via the contact form. Or, dive straight into a chemistry session to explore how we can work together. Don't heasitate!

The Advantages


As the coaching world is growing it can be hard to find the right coach to suit you and your situation. One step to make sure that you choose the right coach is the qualification of the coach. I am happy to assure you that I experienced highly professional coaching training by Bailey Balfour and completed my Coach Certification Training (ACC)  and my Professional Coach Certification Training (PCC).  


Furthermore, I underwent successfully the accreditation process of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Which allows me to officially practice as an ICF PCC Coach.


The ICF presents the gold standard of coaching in the international coaching world and places a strong focus on the values, ethics and training of their coaches to ensure that clients can have a safe and growth-inspiring coaching experience.

Therefore, I am committed to delivering quality coaching and abiding by the ethics and standards of the ICF.

Accredited and professional


Every step is tailored to your aspirations. My coaching is crafted according to your particular needs and situation. I will support you through challenges with advanced coaching skills, consistency and precision. Together we'll design a roadmap aligned with your vision, empowering you to navigate at your own pace. 

While working together we will keep track of your progress and adjust your goals according to your wishes and growth.




International work experience, coupled with extensive stays abroad and coaching expertise, has afforded me a multifaceted perspective on global dynamics. This wealth of experience has honed my ability to navigate the complexities of intercultural interactions with finesse and understanding.


Drawing upon that, I bring a deep understanding to the table, one that acknowledges the subtle nuances and diverse dynamics inherent in cross-cultural interactions. By embracing the global landscape, I offer a coaching experience that not only acknowledges but harnesses the power of our interconnected world.

My clients are from all over the world - from Brazil to Australia to Southeast Asia to Europe and beyond. No matter where they are from, they all draw from being understood and respected in the safe cross-cultural coaching environment that I created.


You will experience coaching that sees and respects you as a person, acknowledges your potential, and uses evidence-based methodologies to support your personal and professional growth.

As an ICF-accredited coach, I adhere to the ICF Code of Ethics - this includes, e.g. confidentiality, integrity, professionalism, respect, professional development, ethical decision-making, appropriate coach-client boundaries, etc. This provides you with the assurance that within this collaborative partnership, you're not merely a client, but someone of relevance and competence welcomed into a safe environment.

respectful and evidence based
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