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Tips to be more productive, when the day didn't start great!

Some days just don't start "right". Something is or was that keeps you now from being productive. This can be a real disaster or bother, especially, if you work remote or in general very independent. It is quiet clear, that when you have to structure your time and work all by yourself, that it requires more discipline. So, these "not great starts" into the day can be a real hussle or "down fall" for an intendet productive day. However, the good news is, that there are some practical things that you can do to actually get your s*** done.

  1. Prepare your workspace. A pre-sorted, tidy desk will help you to actually be more willing to actually get to work. The reason is, that a seemingly clear work space communicates to the brain that the work is manageable. Actually, this tip helps you to start your work day more motivated in general. It's worth trying this out everyday! However, if you don't hav a habit of a tidy work space yet, and your day does not seem great, than stop now and first tidy up your desk or whatever your workspace is.

  2. Have a (hot) bevarage There is a - in my opinion - hilarious serial called "Big Bang Theory". One of the main characters, Sheldon Cooper, has the habit of offering to people who seem to be in distress or sad a hot bevarage. This is somehow a running gag, but actually it is a great psychological move! Why? Well, drinking a hot beverage requires you to slow down, to breath, to acutally blow (because obviously its hot) and to slowly drink the beverage. Often hot beverages, such as coffee and tea, will spread a nice aroma throughout the whole room, which also calms down the nerves. Slowing down helps us to allow ourselves to refocus and to see things from a different angle. Let's do it, get up and make yourself a nice hot beverage and breath for a moment!

  3. Keep paper and pen at hand It will literally help you to decluter your mind. Let's be real, bad start in the day often causes us to have our thoughts run here and there or maybe even to run wild. Keeping paper and pen ready to write anything down you don't want to forget, but can't focus on at that particular moment, will ensure you to get it out of your system no and to not forget it later! This is also a great tip for nights. If you tend to have often thoughts in the evening or at night keeping you busy and bother your sleep, than having paper and pen next to your bed will help you to write the stuff down - and out of your system. It signals your brain "It's been taken care of!".

  4. Start with the urgent stuff first We don't like certain tasks, like for example doing the ITR or what ever is on the list, but we all know as adults we need to actually do these things we don't like or that are urgent. Procrestination says "hi"! Well, this tip requires us to kich ourselves in our "behind". If you start your day at work with the most urgent task, than every other task afterwards will seem less a burden. High-demanding jobs or days will have a whole list of urgent, but you will know better than anyone else that ther IS a most urgent. Do the task that is the most urgent and the most bothersome to you. If those one or two tasks are done, the rest will be more of a flow! So let's get to it!

  5. Take breaks This is probably my favorite tip ;-)! Take breaks, if its difficult for you to intentionally take breaks in reasonable intervals, than pre-plan your breaks at the beginning of your working time/day: I recommend to take every 45 to 60 min a 5 minute break and every 2 to 3 hours a 10 minute break. Use this time to get up, use the washroom, drink some water, eat some (healthy) snack, open the window for fresh air and walk a bit in your workspace or stretch, than get back to work. Dear employer, these breaks are important to increase the productivity of your employees. Dear entrepreneur or self-employed person, this applies for you too! Especially, if you are running your own business or company you need to make sure that you take proper breaks... I know you have pressure and so on, but trust me, at the end of the day you will have had a more satisfying work day if you dont neglect your breaks! The knowledge that you will have breaks will keep you motivated and focused!

Of course, there is so much more we could do to get our drive and motivation back, but this is the "emergency kit" for trying to get right into work without having to first find someone for a pep talk. Try it out and let me know how it worked out for you?

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