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SELF-LEADERSHIP: Managing Emotions

Being someone who lets emotions rule you will cause losses in the long run. Be it valuable team members, friendships, business deals, etc. People often claim to not be impacted by their emotions. However, my experience has shown me that the majority struggle or even lack this essential skill. In this video, you will learn three major skills you need to work on to become someone who is able to lead yourself and others.

(SELF)LEADERSHIP: Developing Confidence

The struggle with confidence is not just for young leaders a reality, but also for experienced leaders. You won't believe how often I talked to people who seemed confident but didn't feel like it - which was only visible in subtle ways. For the majority, confidence was and is a challenge. In this video I share some essential aspects and what you can do to work on them!

(SELF)LEADERSHIP: Staying Humble

Every leader will face a temptation that can cause their "downfall". One cause for that is often pride! The good news is, that there are things you can do to keep you on track or to get you back on track! In this video you will learn three simple but powerful skills that will help you to remain with both feed on the ground!


Leadership in a constantly changing world.

There is no denying it, you and I are confronted with change daily! Technology, politics, society, trends... on every corner lurks the change and demands your attention. Being a leader is already a huge responsibility, so how to be a great leader in a world like this? Don't worry, there are things you can do to make sure that you stay on course and give your team what they need - vision, security and confidence!

Experiencing setbacks. Three tips how to deal with it.

Everyone experiences in their lives setbacks. We don't like it or enjoy it, but it happens. This video will examine three tips that can help you turn setbacks into growth boosters. Do you feel like setbacks send you into a self-doubt or self-criticism spiral? Don't worry, we will address that in this video too!

Leadership Styles - What Every Leader Should Know!

Every leader has asked themselves at some point on their leadership journey which style is best for them!  In this video, I will share the most commonly "used" or "named" leadership styles.  At the end of the video, you will have more clarity on what you need to do to find the perfect leadership style.

Struggling with Leadership: I don't want to be a leader!

"I don't want to be a leader" or "I don't like being called a leader"  are just a few statements leaders I met or worked with made. Through my work with them, they were able to shift their perspective and embrace the responsibility they had and have without negative emotions. Join me in this video to assess various causes for rejecting your responsibility and how to move on.

Successful Leadership: What makes a great leader

Position, leadership style, connections, etc.? What makes really a great leader? Over decades leadership has primarily been defined by a title or position? The "The greater the position the greater the leader"-Mindset is outdated and unhealthy. In this video, we will discover the reality of outstanding leadership and what skills are needed.

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