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Learn more about the Coach and Refraction Coaching.

My Way To Coaching

Since a young age, I experienced that people would share and trust me with the matters that moved them, simply because I made myself available and was willing to actively listen to them. It has always been and still is an honour to me when others entrust their deepest thoughts to me and they know, they are safe with me.


It may not be surprising that I volunteered as a mentor and counsellor at summer camps, teens and youth work/ programs and later also the same for adults. During this time I had the privilege to experience continuous education in mentoring and counselling which created a strong foundation in my early teenage and adulthood years. During my studies, I dived even deeper into, psychology, counselling, mentoring, leadership, cultures and everything that had to do with understanding myself, others and the world better.

My path led me to work for an extensive time as an Intercultural Consultant internationally and as an educator for German as a foreign language in Asia. I discovered coaching was the right next step for me, so I completed my first professional coaching training at the Associate Coach Certification Level. Furthermore, I decided to get my accreditation through the ICF as it helps clients discern the expertise and trustworthiness of coaches.


This mosaic of experiences cultivated across nearly a decade of navigating global terrains, my extensive residence in Asia and my international and cross-cultural connections and work shaped me tremendously.

My tenure of more than ten years as an Intercultural Consultant has amplified my insight into the nuances of human interaction, equipping individuals and organizations to thrive amidst diverse environments.

This deep cultural immersion has honed my ability to bridge gaps, fostering understanding and catalyzing growth across diverse cultures, professions and more.

As you can see my journey shows a constant commitment to growth and development, which is also reflected in completing the Coach Training at the Professional Coach Certification Level and then achieving my accreditation at the PCC Level — a symbol of expertise and dedication. With over 15 years of immersive experience in Mentoring and Counseling, my approach is rooted in a profound understanding of human dynamics, psychology, world views, leadership, self-leadership and beyond.

Apart from all these experiences and training I most importantly love to help people grow and move forward. I believe that it is not the position of a coach to tell you how you should live and lead, but rather empower you to take ownership of your own personal and professional life in every possible way.

What Qualifies Me As A Coach?


I completed my Associate Coach Certification Training (ACC)  and my Professional Coach Ceritification Training (PCC) with Bailey Balfour.

Continous learning:

I am contiously investing time and effort to expand, broaden and improve my skills, my insights and knowledge to offer the best coaching services.


Officially accredited by the ICF at the Professional Coach Certification-Level.

To achieve PCC Accreditation I was required to fulfill the following:

  • 125+ hours of coaching education 

  • 500+ hours of coaching experience 

  • Mentor Coaching 

  • Successful completion of a performance evaluation

  • Passing the ICF Credentialing Exam 


15+ years as a Mentor

10+ years as a Intercultural Consultant

15+ years volunteering in counselling

15+ years working in and with cross-cultural teams


6+ years of living and working in South Asia

5+ years as a Coach


As a Member of ICF I am abiding to the Ethics and Standards of ICF. Furthermore, I am meeting my Supervisor on a regular basis.

The Membership and my Supervisor hold me accountable and give me space to constant growth an assessment of myself as a person and as a coach.

My clients are assured that I am working with the highest ethical standards.


Sometimes the results speak louder than anything else. Click here to find out what my clients have to say.

It is important to acknowledge that a Coach is not a miracle worker. Clients will need to be aware that growth, change and development requires their own effort and time beyond the coaching sessions.

A Coach cannot do the growing for the client, but can create a space that supports growth.


The Story Of
Refraction Coaching

Refraction Coaching was founded by me - Linda Milun - to provide a safe, profound and welcoming coaching environment, that sees and serves my clients with their demanding life in mind.

My life and work in various countries and cultures made it very early on apparent to me, that many people - no matter if they are senior leaders or leaders in the making - lack a safe and trustworthy place to go to and to process their personal and professional lives. Furthermore, I observed that there is this tremendous need to be heard, have straightforward, honest, and respectful conversations and know to not be judged.


All this impacted why I created a truthful coaching space, where you can be you and you have the space to connect the dots that you need to connect.

Why did I name it Refraction Coaching? The name was inspired by a wonderful friend who saw the benefits and advantages of coaching and compared it to the physical process of refraction.

Light travels at different speeds from material to material. Through the change in speed, when it enters a different medium e.g. water or glass, it is bent according to the optical density and the angle it enters into the medium. 


Due to this refraction, a light ray can be broken into its different pieces and therefore the different colours of the "white" light become visible. Or how lenses focus light in glasses or cameras.


Refraction describes visually what happens in coaching. It is the medium that helps you see the different colours of a certain situation or your life and enables you to get a new perspective on things. Through coaching, you can get a clearer picture or try out different angles make decisions and move forward from that point on.

Refraction Coaching is like a prism or water or whatever you need so that you can experience refraction in your own life - wholistically - and move forward.

Are you ready to allow your light to shine through a different medium or material so that you can move forward with more clarity and self-awareness?

Image by Louis Hansel @shotsoflouis


Thank You!

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